How We Work With You


At Nockolds Wealth we provide answers to your needs and strive to develop a personal relationship with all of our clients. Our journey with you will follow our five step plan as detailed below.

Step 1 - Current Wealth Position

Your journey with us will begin by discussing your current circumstances including any investments you may have, your financial situation and your attitude to risk. We will then work with you to achieve your aims and goals to ensure your money works for you in the way you want it to.

Step 2 – Portfolio Assessment

The second step of the process will involve us conducting an in-depth diagnostic of your current portfolio from which we will create a report of your current financial situation.

Step 3 – Revised Approach and Plan

Following this we will conduct in-depth research that will let us provide you with recommendations on how you should manage your portfolio. Our recommendations will include details of all your investments, financial goals and tax implications. In some circumstances we may refer you to other specialists if required. Our Team will work with you to create a new approach and plan to your finances.

Step 4 – Actions and Objectives

This stage involves us creating an actions and objectives report that supplies the transactional detail, timescales and accountabilities of the journey.

Step 5 – Review

Step 5 is one of the most important stages of the process. We take this opportunity to review the actions and objectives that have been taken on your behalf and we then continue to work with you to develop your financial lifeline. We want to exceed your expectations every day and we will strive to do so through regular contact and guiding you along the way.